Revolutionary War Author and Historian

by Norm Desmarais

Revolutionary Imprints

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The Guide to the American Revolutionary War at Sea chronicles more than 10,500 actions -- far more than other naval histories. Volume 1: 1775-1776 documents 1541 of them. It begins with the outbreak of hostilities in April 1775 and goes through the end of 1776. It includes the actions of the Continental and state navies, the French and British navies, the actions of American and British privateers and those of their allies.


The accounts are arranged chronologically and are drawn from letters, diaries, personal journals, pension applications, ship’s logs, prize lists, Admiralty court and auction records and newspaper accounts. The chronological arrangement shows what was happening elsewhere at sea at the same time and gives the reader a broader scope of understanding.


 Each entry provides the date, location and narrative of the action along with references to sources for further research. Many entries include anecdotes, personal accounts and human interest stories.

489  pages ISBN 9780692801086



1541 engagements

Revolutionary Imprints

The Guide to the American Revolutionary War at Sea

Volume 1: 1775-1776

Norman Desmarais, professor emeritus at Providence College, lives in Lincoln, RI.  He is an active re-enactor, a member of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment, Le Regiment Bourbonnais, and the Brigade of the American Revolution. He is editor-in-chief of The Brigade Dispatch, the journal the Brigade of the American Revolution and the author of Battlegrounds of Freedom, the 6-volume The Guide to the American Revolutionary War, and The Guide to the American Revolutionary War at Sea and Overseas (in preparation) which covers more than 10,500 actions. He has also translated the Gazette Françoise, the French newspaper published in Newport, RI by the French fleet that brought the Count de Rochambeau and 5800 French troops to America in July 1780. It is the first known service newspaper published by an expeditionary force.