Revolutionary War Author and Historian

by Norm Desmarais

Revolutionary Imprints

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Norman Desmarais carefully lays out the geographic and strategic contexts of each struggle and develops their human dimensions with anecdotes and stories.


  • The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina covers 572 battles, raids and skirmishes of the Revolutionary War with maps, photos and action locations.
  • Many actions not covered anywhere else.
  • URLs for websites of various parks and tourist organizations.
  • Glossary, extensive notes and index.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the confrontations.
  • Interactive Google Earth maps.

356 pages, 7 maps, 62 photos.


ISBN: 978-1-934934-05-0


572 engagements


The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in  Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, & North Carolina : Battles, Raids and Skirmishes

Norman Desmarais, professor emeritus at Providence College, lives in Lincoln, RI.  He is an active re-enactor, a member of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment, Le Regiment Bourbonnais, and the Brigade of the American Revolution. He is editor-in-chief of The Brigade Dispatch, the journal the Brigade of the American Revolution and the author of Battlegrounds of Freedom, the 6-volume The Guide to the American Revolutionary War, and The Guide to the American Revolutionary War at Sea  which covers more than 10,500 actions. He has also translated the Gazette Fran├žoise, the French newspaper published in Newport, RI by the French fleet that brought the Count de Rochambeau and 6800 French troops to America in July 1780. It is the first known service newspaper published by an expeditionary force.