Revolutionary War Author and Historian

by Norm Desmarais

Revolutionary Imprints


The Guide to the American Revolutionary War :

The six-volume Guide to the American Revolutionary War intends to provide comprehensive coverage of the confrontations of the American War of Independence and to serve as a guide to the sites.


Historical experts say the collection

“...promises to be the closest thing we will ever see to a comprehensive catalog of the sites touched by the War of Independence.” Gregory Urwin, Professor of History, Temple University.


“a treasure trove of information … meticulously researched and documented.”  Robert A. Selig, Project Historian for the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary War Route.


“a truly monumental undertaking.” Norman Fuss, Corps of Engineers, King’s Army in America.





The most extensive list of engagements previously totaled 1,330. Norman Desmarais, professor emeritus at Providence College, has compiled more than 4,000 actions, most of which do not get covered, even in the most detailed history books. The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina: Battles, Raids, and Skirmishes covers 572 engagements.


The text identifies the location of the sites as best as can be determined, provides the historical background to understand what happened there, indicates what the visitor can expect to see and identifies any interpretive aids. It includes URLs for websites of various parks and tourist organizations. These URLs are correlated with various battle sites and events. The many photographs have descriptive captions to identify details of historic buildings, monuments, battlefields and equipment. The glossary provides definitions of 18th-century military and historical terms. The books also contain a bibliography and an index.