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April 15, 1776

Governor's Island, New York.

A number of boats capture a sloop commanded by Captain Treadwell.

HMS Rose's tender retakes Captain Treadwell’s sloop.



Boonesborough, Kentucky.

Bonhamtown, New Jersey. A detachment under Capt. Alexander Peterson attacks a British picket guard.

HM Frigate Emerald captures the schooner Susannah.

HM Frigate Brune captures the Swiftsure.

Rising States captures several prizes en route to Europe

HMS Terrible captures the privateer brigantine Rising States

The privateer Freedom takes and burns Captain Doyle's Guerney and captures the William and Barbara.

The HM Frigate Camilla captures an unidentified schooner.

The HM Frigate Mermaid captures the Escape.



Germantown, Pennsylvania. A detachment of British light infantry captures 1.

Germantown, Pennsylvania. Cathcart’s cavalry skirmishes with some Whigs.

Verplanck's Point, New York.

Fort Panmure, Mississippi.

Tom's River, New Jersey. A British raid destroys salt works.



New Bridge, New Jersey. Americans and British clash 2 miles from Hackensack.

Loyalist camp on Sandy Hook, New Jersey. British ship Galatea drives a Whig brig ashore.

Deal Beach, New Jersey. HMS Vulture drives a Whig brig ashore.

Sandy Hook, New Jersey. 40 men surprise 2 British schooners and a sloop in ice off Sandy Hook and destroy them, taking prisoners and plunder.

at sea near Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

James Dowing’s Crown New York privateer brig Arbuthnot captures the schooner Lee.

The ship Recovery captures the sloop Hope.



Camden, South Carolina.

Canoe Place, Long Island, New York.

Gowanus, LI, New York.

Hermitage Mill, South Carolina.

Downes house, South Carolina.



Second River, New Jersey.

A Crown brig captures Captain Parkinson's schooner.

Captain Parkinson and some other prisoners retake his schooner.

The HM Frigate Amphion recaptures Captain Parkinson's schooner.


by Norm Desmarais

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