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May 17, 1775

The HM sloop Falcon captures the sloop Three Friends.

Fort St. John, Canada.



Wallops Island, Virginia.

Newtown Ferry House, North Carolina.



Thomas Creek, Florida.

Nassau River, Florida. Col. John Baker’s troops are ambushed and routed by Loyalist Rangers.

Metuchen, Quibbletown (New Market), near Dismal Swamp, New Jersey. Gen. William Maxwell’s brigade clashes with a British force and



Prior's Mill, New Jersey.



Bergen area, New Jersey. Col. Abraham Van Buskirk leads 1000 men on an incursion into the Bergen area.

Closter, New Jersey.

Bergen, New Jersey.

Eastern End of Long Island, New York.

South Carolina coast.The privateer sloop Pomona captures the privateer brig Blakely and the brig Friendship.

Congressional frigates Boston and Confederacy capture the sloop William.

The Continental ship Boston takes a vessel from Demarara and a brig from Jamaica.



The British privateer Devonshire Hero captures the Petrus.

The British privateer Antigallican captures a Dutch store ship.

A French privateer attacks an English brig.



Seven Crown boats attack the Whig ship Lady Jay.

by Norm Desmarais

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