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March 30, 1779

The privateer Eagle fights with two armed transports from New York.

The Notre Dame retakes the brig Sally.



Gibbes's Plantation, South Carolina.

Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Negroes and Refugees from Sandy Hook raid Shrewsbury.

Middletown, New Jersey. A small party of Loyalists carry off Mr. Browne.

Tinton Falls/Middletown, New Jersey. A Loyalist raid takes 7 prisoners.

The privateer brig Hunter captures a brig.



Bergen area, New Jersey. Whigs plunder Bergen during a raid.

A Crown armed boat seizes the schooner Beaver.



Shrewsbury Township, New Jersey. A party of militiamen light horse kills Philip White, a Loyalist, during a skirmish.



The Rhode Island privateer Success takes a sloop.

The privateer Victory captures two small schooners.



by Norm Desmarais

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