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April 27, 1776

Cape Fear River, North Carolina.

The HMS Roebuck's boats take a pilot boat.



Ridgefield (Danbury), Connecticut.

HM Sloop Porcupine captures the Hornet.

The brig Freedom captures the Barbara.

Captain Wigglesworth's privateer takes a ship.

HM Armed sloop Haerlem captures an unknown sloop.



Hibernia, New Jersey. Loyalists or Refugees described as well-armed villains commit robbery at the iron works.

Charlotteburg, New Jersey. A band of villains fixed on robbery surrounds Dr. Jonathan Chuver's house. The doctor escapes to get help. The villains threaten Mrs. Chuver, plunder the house and leave before the militia arrives.

The New York privateer Rosebud attacks Captain Robison's vessel.

A party of Loyalists belonging to the New York privateer Germain raid North Island.

A small privateer schooner captured the Massachusetts schooner Neptune.



Osborne's, Virginia.

Chesterfield Court House, Virginia.

Two pilots in a row boat board a Connecticut schooner and are taken prisoner.

The Whig vessels Deane and the Protector capture a sloop.

Crown forces capture two ships and three brigantines and sink four ships.

and five brigantines.

Crown forces sink a number of small vessels and capture two schooners.

Two French frigates take a Dutch East Indiaman.

by Norm Desmarais

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