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October 12, 1776

Throg's Neck, New York.

Continental sloop Providence takes 13 prizes most of them fishermen.

Connecticut privateer sloop Washington captures the snow Friendship.

Privateer Favorite takes two ships.



Delaware River, New Jersey. Commodore John Hazlewood's galleys [Pennsylvania Navy] cannonade Carpenter's Island. Another attack is made the next day.

Province (Carpenter's) Island, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Americans from Fort Mifflin attack a British redoubt on the island, destroy it, and take 54 prisoners.

Poughkeepsie, near, New York.

Hudson River Highlands, New York.

Elizabethtown, New Jersey. A newspaper reports smart firing at a sloop in His Majesty's service stationed near Elizabethtown.

Hempstead Harbor, New York.

HMS Centaur captures the Whig schooner Betsey.

Notre Dame captures John

Boats of the HM Galley Dependence and the HM Brig Diligent burn Whig vessels.



Rhode Island Loyalist privateer King George captures the Whig sloop Peggy.



Penobscot River, Maine. A canoe of 2 militia officers and 4 Indians is captured by a party of French Canadians and Indians.

Amboy, New Jersey. A detachment from a state regiment skirmishes with the British.

The French frigate Hermione captures the brig Pelican.



The HMS Resource captures a sloop.

by Norm Desmarais

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