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June 30, 1775

Roxbury, Massachusetts.



at sea near Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Americans take a ship and 26 prisoners.

Round Mountain (Howard's Gap), South Carolina.



Machias, Maine. Local militiamen are attacked, perhaps by British marines.

Staten Island, New York.

Lexington vs. Foudroyant

HMS Chatham’s tender captures an unidentified schooner.

Two British frigates take an unarmed brig.

The HMS Galatea and the HMS Vixen capture the privateer sloop Sally and another sloop.

HM Frigate Unicorn captures the Connecticut privateer sloop Nancy.

HM Frigate Emerald and the HM Brig Raleigh capture and burn a French brig.

HM Sloop Senegal captures and burns the schooner Clara.



Alligator Creek Bridge, Florida.

A small party of Loyalists capture a schooner.



Staten Island, New York. A party from New Brunswick captures Colonel Cortelyou (British) and Mr. William Smith.

New York.

A party of Rhode Island Loyalists raid Fall River Massachusetts.



at sea near Sandy Hook, New Jersey. British sloop Commerce takes the American schooner Restoration in a 3-hour battle.

The sloop Commerce captures the New York schooner Restoration and her prize.



Cow Neck, New York.

The HMS Assurance captures a schooner and a privateer brig.

The Crown privateer Enterprize captures the French Chevalier Luzerne.



The Dutch privateer cutter Sea Lion captures one sloop (sent to France) and the sloop-of-war Lark.

The HMS Artois captures the French frigate Prince de Robecq.

by Norm Desmarais

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