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December 15, 1774

Fort William and Mary, New Hampshire.



Sloop Betsy captured with the Royal Governor's household goods.

Lee captures British provision sloop Betsey.



New Hampshire privateer schooner McClary and the privateer sloop Charming Sally capture the Resolution.

British men-of-war take several prizes.

Rhode Island privateer schooner Eagle and Massachusetts privateer sloop True Blue capture the Addellgunte Loewise.



Augusta County, Virginia. An Indian raiding party is pursued by militiamen after 4 civilians are killed.

Cooper's Ferry, New Jersey. Jersey militiamen take 20 British sailors.

Kingsbridge, New York.



The French attack the British unsuccessfully.



near Ninety Six, South Carolina.



off Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Some militiamen in whaleboats captured 2 Loyalist mercantile ships.

at sea near Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Americans take 2 Refugee sloops in the Narrows.

North Castle, New York.

Narrows, New York.


by Norm Desmarais

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