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March 17, 1778

Billingsport, New Jersey.

Bull's Inlet, Charleston, South Carolina. Naval skirmish.

Alloway's Bridge, New Jersey. A British foraging party destroys James Smith's house.

Salem, New Jersey. Militiamen and a British foraging party skirmish outside Salem.

Captain John Paul Jones captures a ship.

Two British ships, a schooner and a sloop chase Captain Howland.



Bull's Inlet, Charleston, South Carolina.

The Hazard and the General Gates capture a brig.

A party of Whigs attempt to capture a boat.

The HM Frigates Richmond, Delaware and Sphinx drive the letter of marque brig Royal Lewis on shore.



Jacksonborough, South Carolina.

Tensa, Alabama.

The privateer Revenge captures the British ship Crown Galley.

Salkehatchie River, South Carolina.



Guilford, Connecticut. Brief skirmish between local militiamen and Loyalists.

A French privateer captures the British Mullet Hall.



The English letter of marque Plymouth Hero captures the Whig frigate Primrose.




Duck Creek, Kent Co., Delaware. 5 militiamen attack Loyalist Capt. Brooks, take his boats, and scatter his crew in Cedar Swamp.

The whaleboat Kidnapper captures a small sloop.

A Rhode Island schooner boards a small bay sloop.

by Norm Desmarais

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