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January 16, 1777

near Bonhamtown, New Jersey. A detachment of 350 Americans attacks a superior British force.

New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Quibbletown (New Market), New Jersey. Gen. Philemon Dickinson (American) with about 400 militiamen engages a foraging party.

HMS Nonsuch takes the Massachusetts privateer Charming Sally.



The Bombay force surrenders at Wargaum.



The British capture six Spanish warships.

A party of 40 men capture two schooners and a sloop.



South Amboy, New Jersey. Middlesex County militiamen skirmish with the British.

The British Nemesis captures a ship.

The British privateer ship Regulator takes a French ship.

The British frigate Stag captures a large smuggling vessel.

The British privateer North Star captures a Dutch East Indiaman.



The French fleet captures the HMS Hannibal and six vessels.

The Whig brig Navaro captures the English brig Rebecca.


by Norm Desmarais

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