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October 10, 1775

Beverly, Massachusetts. HMS Nautilus fires on citizens and militiamen and receives fire from U.S. privateer Hannah.

Salem Massachusetts privateer captures a brig.



Rhode Island privateer sloops Montgomery and Eagle capture the schooner Property.

Five prize ships arrive.



Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Exchange of fire with British batteries on Carpenter's Island.

A tender belonging to the HM Armed Brig Halifax takes the sloop Mary-Anne.



The privateer Rover captures a Spanish brig.

The privateer Prince of Wales captures Captain Clark’s vessel.

The privateer Beazely captures three homeward-bound French West Indiamen.

A French man-of-war retakes the Aquilon.



Sandy Point, Penobscot River, Maine. Local militiamen repulse a party of British troops and Loyalists.

Amboy, New Jersey. Local militiamen surprise a British foraging party and drive them off with only small part of their booty.



Fort Edward, New York.

Fort Anne, New York.

The New York privateer Harlequin is captured.



Fort Slongo/Threadwell's Neck (Treadwell's), New York.

Yorktown, Virginia. American shore batteries set fire to 3 British ships.

The HMS Chatham recaptures the schooner Two Friends.

Captain Thomas Parks retakes the schooner.

The Massachusetts privateer Pilgrim captures a 300-ton ship.

The Loyalist privateer Goodrich attacks the Whig ship St. James.

Loyalists capture a schooner.



James Island, South Carolina.


by Norm Desmarais

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