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September 10, 1775

near Fort Chambly, Canada.



Montresor's (Randall's) Island, New York.

New Hampshire privateer schooner McClary captures the schooners Glasgow and Neptune.



Tangier Island, Georgia.

Pownalborough, Maine.

Staten Island, New York.

Bergen area, New Jersey. 3 detachments of British with a detachment from New York and another from Staten Island conduct successful a foraging raid into the Jerseys intended to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's Philadelphia campaign.

HMS Rainbow vs. Gruel

HMS Perseus fires at Congressional troops on shore.



Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Several British armed boats destroy a number of vessels and other property.

The New York privateer Black Prince takes and burns the sloop Peggy.

A Guernsey privateer captures a French ship.

The New York privateer Black Prince takes and burns.

British boats destroy a number of vessels.

Captain Sloan's Connecticut letter of marque sloop retakes a schooner.

The letter of marque Union captures a Spanish ship.

The privateer King George captures the Portland.

The French frigate Amazone captures the British man-of-war Ariel.



Mask's Ferry, North Carolina.

Tipu Sultan’s forces defeat the British Army.



Heard's Mill, Georgia.



The Jamaica fleet captures a Spanish polacre.


by Norm Desmarais

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